Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 4 (Jan 22-28, 2011)

Jan. 22nd
Ava's birthday party! Blowing out the candles.

Jan 23rd
Stuck inside today. We decided to make a tent out of the sheets. Ava really loved it and wanted to hang out in there almost all day.

Jan 24th
We finally bought Ava a new winter hat! We got it last Friday but today is the first chance she had to wear it. (I couldn't get her to stop dancing around in it, so it's a bit blurry)

Jan 25th
Ava got her first pump-knot today. She turned around, right into the door. :(

Jan 26th
Trying out the new Ni Hao Kai Lan bubbles.

Jan 27th
Ava has been fighting a cold for the last several days. Today it got the best of her. She spent all morning laying around on the floor. Poor thing!

Jan 28th
They are tearing down the apartments in front of us. Today they were throwing the old kitchen cabinets and counter tops from the third story into a huge dumpster. It was making a lot of noise and Ava was curious.

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  1. Ahh. Such great pics of your little sweetie. My fav might be the 27th though- love the depth and those peeky little eyes.

  2. Really great photos! I love her new hat! My two favorites are her looking out the window and laying on the floor with the dog. Really sweet!

  3. Great photos. Looks like a fun week. Hope she is feeling better.

  4. What a sweet diary of your week! I bet it is very interesting to watch that building be torn down!

  5. I love her little hat and that last picture is so cute.

  6. Oh, I hope she is feeling better, love the photo of her on the floor though.

  7. Great pictures. I love the hat. I'll have to remember the tent. My daughter would LOVE it.

  8. Day 27 is precious. I hope she is feeling better!

  9. great photos! Tents are always a fun thing and who wouldn't want to watch them throw kitchen sinks out the window??

  10. I am just making the rounds for the 365 day linky!! oops... great pics this week... I love the one of Ava laying on the floor with your dog!! great angle! priceless shot!