Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 11 (March 11-18, 2011)

We went to downtown Kaiserslautern today to poke around in the shops. While in one of them, I stumbled on a very interesting wind chime. I suppose it was a sexy merman wind-chime, LOL! Here is one of those mermen.  
 While at the "sexy merman store", Ava found this little bobble head doggie. Today she named it. This is the first thing that she has owned that she has given a real name to (other then cat or dog). 
What's the name you ask? 

I bought these stamps forever ago but we have never used them until today. Ava decided to help me clean them off afterward.

We have a cool little contact paper chalkboard out on our balcony. Ava didn't care for it much last summer but she loves it now. Today she wanted me to draw Mickey. I drew his head then she colored in the eyes and added arms and legs. I think it's pretty impressive!

Today was my 3rd aniversary so I should have a photo of my husband and myself....but I don't! I didn't take any pictures today.
Fail! :(

Ava decided to line up her goldfish around the edge of her plate. 

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Click HERE to see what else we did today!

Lucy got her hair cut yesterday! 
Here's a before (taken on 3-9-11) and an after.
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week 10 (March 4-10, 2011)

Still SOOC over here! :P
I guess Lola was trying to tell us something!

Coloring time

These are just a few shots of Ava playing in her room.

Ava's first (mini) corndog! She hated them! Haha

We picked this rose in our front yard! LOL Okay, so maybe not!

Lucy is getting her hair cut for the first time on the 17th. I am posting a pic of her today because I am not sure that I will get around to taking another "Before" photo.

Ava put this Tupperware bowl on her head then explained to me that she was on a mission. For what? Who knows! :)

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Week 9 (Feb. 25-March 3, 2011)

Still SOOC over here! Some of my shots this week are a bit underexposed. Please bear with me. :) It is taking longer then I had hoped to resolve this editing situation (although I do hope to someday be able to "nail" most of my shots in camera).

It looks more like fall around here then (almost) spring. Here's Ava crunching leaves.

Ava and Lucy

Lola loves a good box! :)

Paging Doctor Ava!

Lola's newest favorite toy, a spoon from Ava's play kitchen! She carries this thing all around the house.

Don't you hate when your meds make you feel worse then you did to begin with, Blah!

Ava with her homemade binoculars!
I cheated and posted 3 for today.