Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 1-5, 2011

Jan 1st
Happy New Year! Since all of our clocks have slightly different times, we decided to follow the time on the TV guide channel!
Jan 2nd
Ava with her rock collection! I am linking this photo up with Psychemage Photography for the Art of Composition meme.
(For some reason, I can't get her linky to work so I'll do it the old fashioned way! Click HERE
Jan 3rd
This is the outside of our arts and crafts center. I have been working on Ava's birthday invitations for a while now and I keep running out of supplies. We stopped by here today in search of some hot glue sticks which they were out of (surprise, surprise)! They haven't had any in stock since I ran out in early Nov.
Jan 4th
Yeah! I finished the invitations. This is the scrapbook page I made out of one.
Jan 5th
Today we got a box from Mimi and Poppa. Inside it were a few gifts for Ava's B-Day as well as a Mickey Mouse cake stand. This is the face Ava made when she saw the cake stand! She was SO excited! (Please excuse the mess on her face, we opened the box during lunch time)


  1. My daughter turns one at the end of the month and she loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse as well. I started singing the hot dog song when I saw your invitation. Too cute!

  2. Cute photos. I love the last one. So cute.

  3. I love Ava's rock collection :) And I struggled with deciding how to go about this project too, but I've decided to post once a week with individual photos! I like the pictures large as well :)