Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week 5 (Jan. 29-Feb 4, 2011)

Jan. 29th
We went looking for mattresses/beds for Ava's "big girl" room today. All we ended up with was this sheep. Ava thinks it is creepy and won't touch it so I tried to give it to Lucy (our dog). She agrees with Ava! LOL I don't know, I think he's kind of cute. And I was even able to capture some catch lights! ;)

Jan. 30th
Cat nap with Lola

Jan. 31st
Ava wanted to sit on the extra high chair seat that we have for the kids I babysit. First, she just wanted to sit on it but then she decided to buckle it and do this.... 

Feb. 1st
When we go shopping, Ava is in charge of picking out a few random items (like hand soap). This is the one she choose during our shopping trip this week. She loves the fact that it squirts out foam

Feb. 2nd
I was taking a few photos of Ava for the Joy of Love class. She stopped in the middle of the photo-shoot for a play break with her newest favorite toys, Mickey Mouse figures.
(To see more of my shots from the Joy of Love click HERE)

Feb. 3rd
Ava didn't want to take a bath tonight. I bribed her by telling her I had something really cool for her to play with. Well it worked but then I had to figure out what to give her to play with. This was the best I could come up with. Hard to believe how much fun a bottle can be!

Feb. 4th
Our cat, Lilly! At least somebody in this house is ready for bed!

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  1. Great photos. Love the one of her playing with mickey. Thanks for linking up.

  2. great pictures this week. I love the one of your daughter walking around with the high chair strapped on... too funny

  3. My comments aren't working right today, but I wanted to tell you I loved these so much. The creepy sheep, 'new' bath toy and silly toddler are all great!