Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 2 (Jan 8-14, 2011)

Jan. 8th
During the winters here, we see mostly gray skies (day and night). This evening the sky was blue so Ava and I ran out to enjoy it!

Jan. 9th
Well, so much for the blue sky! :( It rained all day. What better way to enjoy a rainy day then coloring a picture of your all time favorite character! Ava loved coloring this Mickey picture!

Jan. 10th
Ava's newest snack addiction: grapes

Jan. 11th
Anyone hungry? Ava, cooking up something fabulous in her new kitchen!

Jan. 12th
I had this great idea to make a duckie matching game for Ava's party. Yea, well it isn't working out like I had hoped and now I have a ton of plastic ducks laying around the house! They are driving me quackers! :P

Jan. 13th
Who doesn't love a box?!

Jan. 14th
Ava had her two year well baby check-up today. They took some blood too! The first attempt didn't go so well that's why she got to sport two bandages. She took it like a champ though!

Urgh! For the last week or so, I haven't been able to get anyone's linky pictures to show up! This is getting frustrating! I don't know why it isn't working after all this time. The code (what you see above) is all I can get on here. If you have any suggestions on how to fix this problem with blogger please let me know. Thanks


  1. You have a wonderful week of photos and great memories. You are going to be so glad when she's older to remember what she liked to color or to have for a snack. She really did take that doctor visit like a champ! Most kids would be screaming after going through that! I enjoyed looking through your week!

  2. I wanted to say too that I wish I knew how to help you with the code. When I fist tried it I had trouble, but I'm not sure if I was using the edit HTML tab. Then I started saving the button to my computer and adding it to the post as a picture. I just manually add the link for the picture. That's one way to fix it if you can't get the code to work.

  3. Wonderful photos. I love the grape photo. In blogger go to the edit HTML tab and paste it in there. Then sweet back to the Preview tab and it should show up.

  4. I loved all of your shots and your little one was so brave to have to get blood taken from 2 arms. Boxes and wrapping paper are the best toys out as far as I'm concerned. I hope the cat didn't mind being put in the box.

    I have dreadful problems with the link buttons aswell. I found that I had to go and manually edited loads of peoples buttons to make them show on my blog. I see that Sarah suggests placing the html in edit mode first. I've never done that before so if it doesn't work out then I think I'll do a blog post showing the codes that I use to make the buttons work.

    from leavesnbloom photograph

  5. Oh I love grapes and those duckies sure are cute!

  6. Love the perspective you used on some of these shots! They make the mundane look so creative.

    Stopping by from Nap Time Mom Tog :)

  7. Great shots. I don't know why they have to draw blood, they did that with my little 2 year old too last month. What ever happened to the good ol' finger prick?

  8. I like your duckies, but yeah... I'd probably be sick of them if they were laying all over the house too! Wonderful shots!

  9. your kitty one made me laugh. My cats will always sleep in a box no matter what!