Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 4 (Jan 22-28, 2011)

Jan. 22nd
Ava's birthday party! Blowing out the candles.

Jan 23rd
Stuck inside today. We decided to make a tent out of the sheets. Ava really loved it and wanted to hang out in there almost all day.

Jan 24th
We finally bought Ava a new winter hat! We got it last Friday but today is the first chance she had to wear it. (I couldn't get her to stop dancing around in it, so it's a bit blurry)

Jan 25th
Ava got her first pump-knot today. She turned around, right into the door. :(

Jan 26th
Trying out the new Ni Hao Kai Lan bubbles.

Jan 27th
Ava has been fighting a cold for the last several days. Today it got the best of her. She spent all morning laying around on the floor. Poor thing!

Jan 28th
They are tearing down the apartments in front of us. Today they were throwing the old kitchen cabinets and counter tops from the third story into a huge dumpster. It was making a lot of noise and Ava was curious.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Week 3 (Jan. 15-21, 2011)

Jan. 15th
Today was Ava's Birthday! Happy Birthday baby girl

Jan. 16th
The weather was pretty nice today so we got to enjoy some much needed outside time.

Jan. 17th
I luuuuvvv baby jeans!

Jan. 18th
I spent most of the day cleaning. Ava helped me, of course. While she was helping me, she found one of our bud vases. I let her pick some flowers out at the store and this is one of the ones she chose.

Jan. 19th
LOL! I guess Ava was cooking Chinese food! :)

Jan. 20th
I decided to wash blanket (Ava's lovey) today. This never goes well so I have two choices: 1. Leave Ava standing in front of the washer and dryer bawling her eyes out until it is finished OR 2. Distract, distract, distract! We did so many random activities while blanket got clean, but this was her favorite. We built a tunnel with some mega blocks and made a ramp out of a tupperware lid. Then we rolled all of her big, bangle bracelets down the ramp. Here's one in action!

Jan. 21st
Ava's party is tomorrow. We got her a few gifts for her real birthday and a few for her party. Ugh, I hate wrapping gifts!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 2 (Jan 8-14, 2011)

Jan. 8th
During the winters here, we see mostly gray skies (day and night). This evening the sky was blue so Ava and I ran out to enjoy it!

Jan. 9th
Well, so much for the blue sky! :( It rained all day. What better way to enjoy a rainy day then coloring a picture of your all time favorite character! Ava loved coloring this Mickey picture!

Jan. 10th
Ava's newest snack addiction: grapes

Jan. 11th
Anyone hungry? Ava, cooking up something fabulous in her new kitchen!

Jan. 12th
I had this great idea to make a duckie matching game for Ava's party. Yea, well it isn't working out like I had hoped and now I have a ton of plastic ducks laying around the house! They are driving me quackers! :P

Jan. 13th
Who doesn't love a box?!

Jan. 14th
Ava had her two year well baby check-up today. They took some blood too! The first attempt didn't go so well that's why she got to sport two bandages. She took it like a champ though!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

January 6&7, 2011

Ugh! I can't make up my mind how I want to set up this blog! I thought I would like to do a collage each week but then I decided that the photos weren't large enough in it. All I know is that I don't want to post every, single day. Day 6 and 7 are on this post but I think from now on I will just post one week at a time.
Jan 6th
Ava kept following Lucy around this morning saying "Woo-chi brrr". Every time Lucy stopped moving, she got a blanket thrown on-top of her!

Jan 7th
I don't wear jewelry that often, but I did today. Of course that meant that Ava wanted to wear some too! Here she is admiring her necklace.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January 1-5, 2011

Jan 1st
Happy New Year! Since all of our clocks have slightly different times, we decided to follow the time on the TV guide channel!
Jan 2nd
Ava with her rock collection! I am linking this photo up with Psychemage Photography for the Art of Composition meme.
(For some reason, I can't get her linky to work so I'll do it the old fashioned way! Click HERE
Jan 3rd
This is the outside of our arts and crafts center. I have been working on Ava's birthday invitations for a while now and I keep running out of supplies. We stopped by here today in search of some hot glue sticks which they were out of (surprise, surprise)! They haven't had any in stock since I ran out in early Nov.
Jan 4th
Yeah! I finished the invitations. This is the scrapbook page I made out of one.
Jan 5th
Today we got a box from Mimi and Poppa. Inside it were a few gifts for Ava's B-Day as well as a Mickey Mouse cake stand. This is the face Ava made when she saw the cake stand! She was SO excited! (Please excuse the mess on her face, we opened the box during lunch time)