Friday, February 18, 2011

Week 6 (Feb 5-11, 2011) and Week 7 (Feb 12-18, 2011)

I'm still alive! Sorry about missing last weeks post! Something is terribly wrong with my editing software so any of the pics below that are not watermarked are SOOC. 
Feb 5th
Yippee! New big girl bed! Well we finally did it, we bought Ava a bed. She isn't using it yet though. She I am not quite ready. But we have it and when the time comes it will be here!

Feb 6th
Blah! Why do we all still have this cold? It has been 3 weeks! Well we are stocking up on vitamin C around here. Hopefully we can finally shake it!

Feb 7th
A pre-Valentine's treat!

Feb 8th
Paper plates are so much fun! We were cutting plates to make Valentine's wreathes.  You can see more Here!

Feb 9th
Eyelashes! I took these shots for the Trendy Treehouse challenge. You can see the rest Here!

Feb 10th
Ava's hair is finally long enough to braid! Now if I can only get her to sit still while I do it!
Feb 11th
Lilly, looking out the window

Feb 12th
Ava said that her Pluto toy was being mean, so she put him to bed!

Feb 13th
For the past few days, Ava has been trying to spit after brushing (like she sees us doing). I got her some little cups to help her out, but she was much more interested in playing with them.

Feb 14th
Happy Valentine's Day! <3

Feb 15th
The construction work is getting heavy-duty now! :)

Feb 16th
I had to sneak into Ava's room tonight to make sure that I turned her radiator back on. This is what I saw!

Feb 17th
Ava's got some new headbands from cousin Rachael!

Feb 18th
We decided that we could use a little treat tonight! Ava said she wanted "pink" flavor ice cream so that's what she got! lol

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  1. Great pics again! I love her little braid and it looks like she really loves the pink ice cream!

  2. I love the orange, and the cat looking out the window.

  3. She is so darling. I love the orange shot!

  4. BEAUTIFUL photos :D Love the eyelash one. And the pink flavor of icecream made me laugh!

  5. Your daughter is so cute! Great photos, love the one with the headband especially. Those eyes are stunning!

  6. Love your week(s)! I especially love the one of her playing with the cup, how you can see the water traveling down her arm. And the one with the headband. My daughter gives the same fishy-face when she's puckering up for a kiss. Is that what she's doing?

  7. Great shots. Love the headband and her expression.

  8. Great photos. I love the eyelashes and cat. We went to a toddler bed last night. Not because we wanted to but because she kept crawling out of the crib. She adores her new bed.

  9. Love the kitty shot, the braid (awwww!) and all snuggled up with her toys. So cute!

  10. I love the kitty shot too... what a great reflection!! =) and pink flavored ice cream at that age is the best! =)

  11. Creative shot of the orange. Your girls are precious.